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About Box 24 Studio

Box 24 Studio is a team of creative artists that produce and shoot Commercial Video and Photography for adverts, merchandising and product placement. The fully equipped 1,000 sq. ft. space, designed and custom built by Box 24, features a 24 ft. ceiling, a 16'x16' cyc with an overhead grip rig and a 12'x24' attached daylight studio. Located in Venice Beach, CA, the studio is also a new West LA location available to rent for visiting artists and events.

Our Team

Dan Spitz | Studio Rental | (310) 622-3773 |
Tommy Casey | Photography, Production | (312) 953-5443 |
Ralph Guerrero | Production, Studio Manager | (424) 248-5219 |

Box 24 Studios
Box 24 Studio

Our Services Include : Studio Rental | Catalog Photography | Video Production