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Dr. Raj Kanodia

  • Dr. Kanodia - Portrait
  • Dr. Kanodia - Portrait
  • Dr. Kanodia - Portrait

Client - Dr. Raj Kanodia Plastic Surgery
Talent - Dr. Raj Kanodia
Director - Tom Casey, Stephn Amstutz
Photographer - Tom Casey
Digital Tech - Ralph Guerrero
Production Assistant - Ralph Guerrero, Tio Von Hale
Photo Editor - Tom Casey

Having completed more than 20,000 nose surgeries over his career, Dr. Kanodia has earned worldwide esteem for his closed approach rhinoplasty technique whereby no scars are inflicted on the patient. With a long list of Hollywood stars likeAshley Tisdale, Jimmy Iovine, Ashley Simpson and Brittney Spears, Dr. Raj is adored by his patients. Box 24 Productions wrote, produced, directed, edited and created music for a series of commercials revolving around his non-invasive procedures.

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