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  • Jumbie Art - Leggings
  • Jumbie Art - Leggings
  • Jumbie Art - Leggings
  • Jumbie Art - Leggings
  • Jumbie Art - Headband
  • Jumbie Art - Sleeves
  • Jumbie Art - Painting
  • Jumbie Art - Catalog

Client - Jumbie Art
Director - Jumbie Art, Tom Casey
Photographer - Tom Casey
Digital Tech, Production Assistant - Ralph Guerrero
Photo Editor - Ralph Guerrero, Tom Casey

The current Jumbie Art product line embodies their unique vision through digital art, creating wearable artwork that reacts to RGB color changing lights. Jumbie Art gathers their artistic influences from various ancient symbols, gatherings, and electronic music. With a rising demand for this psychedelic lifestyle apparel, our interests and knowledge in producing web-ready content took part in launching Jumbie Art’s new online catalog.

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